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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I went to watch how to train a dragon with ks and dione Darlings~ XD HAHA
the movie was SOOO CUUTEEEE! Especially the dragon Toothless! Haha! (Did i get the name correctly? :P) hheheheheh.... I want to have a pet like that too... so cute... haiz.

Anyways the movie was in 3D! and i forgot to wear my contacts before going. So i had to adjust my specs every once in a while. Anyways, that is not the only movie I wanted to watch but due to assignments I dont really have the time. So I guess one is enough. I want to watch other movies as well, e.g Kaiji, Prof Layton... haha I think all the movie I want to watch are mostly either from Japan or cartoons haha :P Nvm... after hand in assignments I will ask my darlings~ go watch them =D

Assignments!!!! hahaha... going to hand in assignments soon but havnt done much. Guess I probably skip the first dateline le :( Hopefully can finish before 2nd dateline as well... In school doing my assignments now. Guess I'd better go back to doing it. =)


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
dunno why im typing this~ Im not sure whether its a happy thing or a sad thing... But... I will not fall down on this setback, I will make sure my setback is something that I can learn from. I have no idea why this is the day and same time too. I guess its so well planned... I dont know whether Im just not meant to be living this way or just plain unlucky. I have no idea whether what I know is the truth and the only truth. People whom you trust can only be trusted that they meant well, and will do and tell you things that you want to see and hear. Well, either way, this is life and im not young like before anymore. Why are people so reluctant to change? If we are open to change and flexible, will we actually be happier? Move on, people! If you dont move, you will never see the brighter sky on the other side of the mountain. If people are reluctant to persevere, then there will not be a bright future. Talk is cheap, its easier said than done. But I'm going to move past that. Stress is one thing, a happy attitude will change it.

My guzheng teacher just told me something today which I felt very true. There are two most important men in our lives. One is our father, the other is our husband. 上帝chose us our father, he gave us parental love. We choose our husband, it will give us romance. We cannot choose our father because, 上帝chose for us. But we choose our husband and we must choose him well. For if we make the wrong choice, we will suffer. Short term happiness and fortunate will not last. If you linger on to the current happiness that you think you seek, you will realize you suffer more than happiness. Thus, when you do not linger on to the current happiness, you will realize once again, that you will find back yourself, and a new happiness will surface.


thank you for share. I hope you will hapy

By Blogger Nhat Nam, at August 23, 2011 at 11:47 PM  

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Monday, December 28, 2009


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Saturday, December 26, 2009
Dunno what is wrong with this person... I think this person have to stop all his/her nonsense...

I think this person has a fettish over sex and BGR... Should ask her to satisfy his/her fettish by doing it herself or watching some porn...

Poor poor fellow... no life...

Please... girl or boy... wake up now... dont sleep already.


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